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We strive to breed high quality puppies that adapt to be cherished pets, service dogs, and overall amazing companions. 

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  • Prices listed below by litter are subject to change.

  • Deposits are non-refundable 

  • Deposit to hold spot: $100 

  • $200 to hold puppy pick at 5 weeks

  • Remaining balance due at pick-up

  • Any fees incurred via selecting "Goods & Services" on Venmo or PayPal are the responsibility of Buyer. If fee is not included in payment, it will be returned.

  • Please see our FAQ page for more info on what puppies receive and other payment information.


Please click the envelope to

email us for availability and 

other questions!

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Payments can be made through

  • good dog

  • Venmo (include 4% if selecting "Goods & Services")

  • CashApp

  • Zelle


We highly recommend BAXTER & Bella to all puppy families BEFORE your puppy comes home. It is an awesome ONLINE training program. No need to crate your puppy up and travel. You learn in the comfort of your home! Even if you don't start before getting your puppy you can start at any time. Great for all ages and stages!

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Click on the logo for more information. 


F1b Corgipoos (15-25lb): Gizmo & Leo

Born March 18th. $900

These puppies will vary in traits. Some will have straight to wavy hair and some will have curly hair. Some will even have double furnishings (super fluffy!). They will have slightly longer legs than the typical corgi.

Available puppies pictured.

F1 Corgipoos (15-25lb):Gigi & Leo














Born March 27th. $1300

The F1 corgipoo is my favorite cross with grooming in mind. The puppies will have wavy hair that is low shedding. They require only baths! I have some owners that like to groom their corgipoos with a shave but it is not needed. Due to the short hair gene from the corgi side, the puppies do not have hair like the typical doodle that just grows and grows. It reaches a certain length and stops growing. Very easy to manage!





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