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We are a small family farm, Stone Table Ranch, on the eastern plains of Colorado. We have six kids and a variety of farm animals. You can see more at Adrian is from Los Angeles and I (Kathleen) am from the suburbs of Chicago. Adrian loved raising pigeons when he was younger and is a Realtor. I always had a love of animals and received my BS in Biology with genetics being a favorite class. I am currently a science teacher at a local high school. We always loved the idea of working with dogs and having space. We moved from Colorado Springs to our farm about 8 years ago. We added an aussie to our family and fell in love. We soon realized that even though the Australian Shepherd was incredibly smart and beautiful with an awesome temperament, their high energy put them out of reach for most. They also shed a lot! Having other doodle owners in the family we decided to try a litter of aussiedoodles. We were sold. The pups have been amazing and their owners have been so happy!  We have Corgipoos as well! Puppies are born and raised in our home using Puppy Culture and Early Neurological Stimulation. They get to run and play on the farm and meet all the other animals. Parents are genetically cleared of known genetic diseases and have healthy hips and joints. I am always looking for ways to improve our program and my knowledge. I take advantage of the webinars from vets and more experienced breeders that GoodDog provides to breeders. I take classes as I find valuable ones. I am currently working on Avidog courses as well. Check out some testimonials below and puppies on the next tab.

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Charlie Blue




"This couple and their pups are wonderful! They welcomed us in to see the puppies to make a decision and were so kind and helpful and responsive. The puppies have a great beginning to life at STR- running around with other dogs and cats and interaction with their children. The puppies all had amazing personalities and momma Blue was so friendly and calm. I haven’t purchased a puppy from them yet but can still say the experience “onsite” was great and very promising for future STR aussiedoodle owners."


"This dog is amazing.  She is the smartest puppy I have ever experienced.  She sits, lays, understands no, comes to her name, sleeps in a crate without any trouble, and seems to generally understand English.  She has completely attached to our son that really needs a companion.  Can't express enough how happy we are.  Thanks for all you did to prep her!"

"We had such a wonderful experience w/ the family and puppies!!! We just love our Charlie Blue!! He’s such a fun, sweet and loving puppy! We would definitely recommend them and would get a puppy from them again!! And we get comments all the time on what a beautiful and sweet puppy he is!! He’s popular among the neighborhood kids😄❤️🐶😍 **Had to share our Easter picture of Charlie Blue!"

"This family raises some awesome dogs. Thanks guys for the dedication to these pups in making them great family dogs. we couldn't be happier with ours!!"


“He makes my heart sing!! The BEST puppy I have ever had!! He still does the bad puppy stuff, but he is easy to correct, and genuinely wants to please.... Ahhhhh, my sweet, sassy and endlessly hilarious Duggan!! I could talk about him ALLLL day!! Duggan is truly everything that I dreamed he would be!! Some Duggan stats right now are: he weighs 20.4 lbs, he eats 2 times a day, is basically completely pee pad potty trained (I leave the door open to the bathroom and he does his business all day with no reminders necessary), he LOVES his bathtime, is very social at the dog parks and out and about, he causes TONS of attention wherever we go, and if we are out and about and someone DOESN'T acknowledge him, he barks at them until they do, then he trots off... He is nothing shy of adorable.... One more tid bit is that as part of the "package" I have for his vet care, a screening health panel was run testing him for any potential diseases or genes that would lend itself for any health issues and out of the 168 possibilities, he showed negative for all of them except the dwarfism gene (well, hello, that is one of the genes that all corgis have)... I had no doubt of his health standards, but the test results were still amazing to see!! He is one healthy little guy!!”

"We brought Rocket (formerly George) Home in mid-March. He is incredibly smart, and so very sweet. Our vet is in love with him as well - says he is a well-conformed, handsome pup; he only needs the assistance of a vet tech because he’s so wiggly."

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