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Colorado Mountain Dogs

*Make sure your breeder is an authorized breeder at

A quick note about us as breeders. We do not breed and breed and breed. We only breed certain times of the year. We breed for temperaments and improvements. Our breeding dogs are ALL over a year and come from genetically tested and hip healthy lines. Even though we know these lines we feel it is important for dogs to be past their first birthday (especially these large ones) before being bred. The dam is watched closely to see how her body and temperament are after puppies have been weaned. That is the determining factor on when and if she is bred again.  With all that being said, get on our contact list or you may miss out when puppies are available!


STR's Sadie

Sadie is from Thor x Millie

DOB: 2/21/2020


We are holding Sadie back for our breeding program. Excited to see how this girl grows out!

STR Millie

Honey x Chewie 9/8/17 

Complete outcross female.

G1 87.5% GP 12.5% AS

She has a beautifully colored coat with a small patch of black on her tail. She has grown out to be bigger than her dam. She has single dew claws. Since she has a high GP percentage she will be bred to Thor (look under Turkish Boz Shepherd).

*Click on picture for pedigree*

STR Petey

Chewie x Faith 11/21/16.

Complete outcross stud.

G1 75%GP 25%AS

His coat is very soft but a little on the longer side. He barks when people come and go but is a big teddy bear to all. He is not a wanderer and prefers to be near his livestock. He carries two dominant color genes and has double dew claws. Genetic health tests all clear. OFA hip test good. 

*Click on picture for pedigree*


Puma of STR

Turkish Boz Shepherd CMD Foundation female.

DOB 5/14/2018

Puma came to us through Wendy Francisco but was bred by Jennings Webb in Wyoming. Super excited to add this gal to our breeding program! She will increase the height a little in our program and lean out our CMDs. Complete love bug.


Thor of STR
Turkish Boz Shepherd CMD Foundation male. He was bred to Millie for a complete outcross G1 litter. This helped lean out our CMD's and brought in more height. They were gorgeous! 

Retired or Sold Breeders for Reference


STR Peaches

Honey x Moose 7/13/2018

G2 small %Caspian

Peaches started out as quite the chunk. She has since slimmed down and has a beautiful long back. It is an improvement on her Dam whose back has a slight sway to it due to it's length.

Moose of STR

Caspian line stud. G2 CMD.

Titan x Lilliandil 4/1/15, from Ten Talents Farm.

He is a very mellow guy that rarely barks. Not much seems to phase him. He is a bit on the fluffy side and has a rough coat so he will do best with females of shorter softer coats. He has double dew claws. He prefers to be near poultry over other livestock. He does best with females or younger submissive males.

Genetic test results all clear, parents both OFA hip and eye certified

*Click on picture for pedigree*

Honey of STR (for reference)

Honey came from a goat farm in New Mexico.

Complete outcross female. G1 75%GP 25%AS.

Born 5/2015

One of our outcross females. Honey is very mellow and rarely barks. She is very bonded with the goats and has helped during kidding. She has been around poultry but does not live with them. Her coat is very soft and mats very little. Her nose is black but the sun has turned it pink. She has no dew claws and carries two recessive genes for no coat color. Genetic health tests all clear. 

Hopeful Valley's Chewie

Chewie is our foundation stud here at STR. He came to us from Hopeful Valley farm in Nebraska from a registered GP sire and unregistered GP dam. Born 12/14/13. He is what you would call a colorful GP with a rough coat. He is mellow and loves people. He is not a barkaholic but definitely barks. He would wander if allowed to but respects the hot wire. He has double dew claws and is of a leaner build.


One of our foundation females she is a complete outcross to CMDs. She is 50%GP/50%AS. She came from a goat farm in southern Colorado. She is on the small side but carries LARGE genetics. Beautiful soft coat of fur. She protects us from the birds that like to come into the barn and pasture. She is very athletic and loves to run. She has single dew claws but carries the recessive gene for double.

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