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Colorado Mountain Dogs

Authorized Breeder

What is a Colorado Mountain Dog?


   The Colorado Mountain Dog, or CMD, were founded by Wendy Francisco in 2005. Her foundation stud, Caspian, has been bred throughout the lines. In an effort to bring in more genetics, outcrosses that fit the temperament, and secondly, physical traits, were brought in. The awesome temperaments of our livestock guardian dogs has brought us into the program. What is even more exciting is that the breed has been accepted by the American Rare Breed Association, or ARBA. Studbooks will be closed within two years.

   Still, what IS a CMD? A CMD is a breed of livestock guardian dog that is not based off of certain LGD breed percentages but temperament. CMDs are bred for small acreage farming. The crossing of breeds is necessary to eliminate some of the bad traits such as excessive barking, wandering, and aggression. The CMD is accepting of people but not strange dogs (in a working situation) or predators. The CMD blends in with it's livestock and even acts as a "babysitter". Even though the CMD began it's journey as a white dog with CMDA, it is also sable, brindle, tan with a dark mask, and badger marked with ARBA and CMDR. 

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   This is all great information for those new to the breed. I would like to share our goals in our breeding program. We have amazing temperaments in our lines today. We have pups as far as Canada. We have brought in some of the Caspian line with Moose and merged it into ours. From there we will start adding in more height and colors with Puma and our brindle Boz stud Thor. As we continue to keep temperament in check we will select for more physical characteristics such as height, clean legs, soft long coats, and head and body shape. We hope to have a purebred (G5) CMD by 2022!

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